Product Name Manufacturer Device Type Part # Version Price Action
BinaxNOW™ S. pneumoniae Antigen Card Abbott BinaxNOW™ S. pneumoniae Antigen Card Microbiology Q-10154 $1,750.00
BinaxNOW™ Malaria Test Abbott BinaxNOW™ Malaria Test Microbiology Q-10155 $1,750.00
Abbott BinaxNOW™ RSV Card Abbott BinaxNOW™ RSV Card Microbiology Q-10156 $1,750.00
BinaxNOW™ Strep A Card Abbott BinaxNOW™ Strep A Card Microbiology Q-10157 $1,750.00
VITEK® 2 ESBL CT/CTL TZ/TZL bioMérieux VITEK® Microbiology Q-10158 $1,750.00
VITEK® MS MYCOBACTERIUM/NOCARDIA/SUPPLKIT bioMérieux VITEK® Microbiology Q-10160 $1,750.00
VITEK® ANC Card(Anaerobic bacteria and coryneform bacteria identification) bioMérieux VITEK® Microbiology Q-10164 $1,750.00
VITEK® NH Card (Neisseria, Haemophilus and other fastidious Gram negative bacteria) identification bioMérieu VITEK® Microbiology Q-10169 $1,750.00
VITEK® MS MOULD KIT bioMérieux VITEK® Microbiology Q-10139 $1,750.00
VITEK® MS-FA bioMérieux VITEK® Microbiology Q-10140 $1,750.00
Phoenix™ Panels Becton Dickinson Phoenix™ Microbiology Q-10174 $1,750.00
Phoenix™ ID Broth Becton Dickinson Phoenix™ Microbiology Q-10175 $1,750.00
Phoenix™AST Broth Becton Dickinson Phoenix™ Microbiology Q-10176 $1,750.00
Phoenix™ AST Indicator Solution Becton Dickinson Phoenix™ Microbiology Q-10177 $1,750.00
Phoenix™ Inoculum Broth Becton Dickinson Phoenix™ Microbiology Q-10178 $1,750.00
StatStrip® Glucose Nova StatStrip® Glucose Chemistry Q-10179 $1,750.00
MicroScan WalkAway Panels Beckman Coulter MicroScan WalkAway Microbiology Q-10180 $1,750.00
MicroScan WalkAway AST Beckman Coulter MiicroScan WalkAway Microbiology Q-10181 $1,750.00
ACCU-CHEK® Inform II Roche ACCU-CHEK® Inform II Chemistry Q-10182 $1,750.00